Tuesday, September 30, 2008

European Culinary Delights!

Last week I was on a much needed vacation to Germany and Austria! I had a fantastic time at Oktoberfest and then one of my closest friends and I went to Salzburg, Austria, then back to Germany to go to Berschegarten and Fussen. We ate, drank, and of course did some touristy things (Sound of Music tour was especially great!)

At Oktoberfest they love their food on a stick - corn with garlic butter, chocolate covered apples, and chocolate covered strawberries were some of our favorites! Radishes are huge over there! (WHO KNEW?!?!?)

Here are some of our culinary delights!

The authentic Salzburg Sacher Torte

Another view point

Apple Strudel from Hotel Sacher

Apple Strudel with a hot vanilla sauce (kind of like a thin vanilla custard)

Cheese Strudel with hot vanilla sauce - a break during our Sound of Music Tour

White Chocolate Fondue - not what we ordered but delicious!

So many types of pretzels!!! These were donut like pretzels!


Maria said...

Look at all of those treats! Talk about heaven! I want one of each please!

SweetBites said...

wow! i luv to visit Eurpoe someday especially Austria (sound of music tour). The sacher torte is to die for & pretzels r so huge!

Dana said...

Funny, I was just crying (literally) yesterday at the thought that I can't have Apfelstrudel anymore. Since being diagnosed with celiac's, I haven't been able to come up with a way to make Strudel the way I know it from growing up in Bavaria. Your pictures made my mouth water...and my eyes tear up a little. I've just GOT to find a way to make gluten free Apfelstrudel!! Thanks for posting your photos....I'm re-inspired :)